Sebastian M. Galimberti Romano
  • @galimba
  • Technical Operations Manager (to the CEO)
  • Spain
I've always been passionate about science and technology. Figuring out how things work, taking them apart and trying to put them back together. I guess that's why my career took so many turns... from being a sysadmin to full-stack developer, front-desk support to big data analysis, network penetration testing, bioinformatics and cloud computing. I've even worked abroad in Antarctica for over a year as head of a scientific laboratory.

This past few years I've been focusing on Information Security and Blockchain technology, with it's incredible applications.

I am currently working on two projects: 1) a lending dAPP for NFTs regulated by a DAO with a strong tokenomics component containing a distributed lottery, and 2) a pure-blockchain application for tracking fiat donations.
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Mar 2015 - Present

Research Technical Assistant, CONICET

Nov 2021 - Present

Technical Operations Manager (to the CEO), AllianceBlock

Sep 2020 - Nov 2021

Project Manager, ThinkAndDev