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Oct 13, 2021
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This week's guest on The Geek Within is JoRob, CEO of JoRob Productions, Waldron Music Group, and EC&J Studios. Listen as he shares his journey into the music industry and why he leverages his own companies.

JoRob and I met on the back deck of a mutual friend as we all came over to hang out and interact during this time of COVID. While he also does some work in the IT space, I was fascinated to learn about his music business and all the effort he puts in, BESIDES making music. We dived in to how that looks and works over whiskey and snacks, really the only way to meet new people. JoRob does a wide range of projects, with one of the most recent albums, Cool Vybes, done for a meditation studio. Even more interesting, as an independent who owns his own companies, he can pick and choose the projects he wants to participate in, something we all wish we could do.

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