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Georgi Ker is my name and Bingo is not my game.
I am a mother of 2 teenagers and  - 

I am a generalist.
I do consultations for different companies. Mainly project management, branding, business development, research and digital marketing. 
I code but not for a living.
I learned to code out of curiosity and I am still learning more each day. Being active in the programming communities helps me to achieve that too.

I speak several languages.
Currently living in Thailand, I speak several human languages as I grew up in a multilingual country and lived in several countries. So I'm a Polyglot at Polywork! English, Chinese, French, Thai, Indonesian, Cantonese, Taiwanese, etc.

I communicate through communities.
I started the Ruby community in Thailand in 2019 along with a few others Rubyists and there after was invited to help out in the Python community.
I joined the PSF in 2019 and was nominated as PSF fellow member. I was awarded with the community service award in Q4 2020!
2021 is an exciting year because I led Thailand to the first PyCon APAC 2021 along with an amazing team of 16 members from 10 different nationalities and ranging from 18-60 years old! 
Apart from that, I am also the co-organiser for PyLadies BKK, Codewar, RubyConf TH, Hacktoberfest TH and several other meetups.

I believe in DE&I.
I advocate for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I am also a member of D&I Workgroup @PSF. Asian, Expat, Immigrant, Left-hander, Divorced, Parent, No Degree, and Over 40. Yes that's me :) I know there are many people out there who are in similar situations. DE&I is an encyclopedia of knowledge.

I teach.
I teach whenever I have the time. Currently give some Digital Marketing, Analytics and  Branding when I get requests. I used to teach in primary schools and mentally disabled students. I was also a qualified TOEIC trainer and taught in France providing training in companies like Philips, Expanscience, Reckitt.

I am open to job offers. Will be moving back to Europe soon. 

Send me a message if you would like to reach out in any aspect! 
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