Jul 22, 2021
Failed in public
Spoke at an event
Gave a live demo
+ 1
I gave a talk tonight! It was not good. It was so bad, in fact, that I'm going to have to record a short video that does the subject justice because it's actually really neat.

Long story short, you can use Nomad to run tasks on a variety of historical UNIXes, and hardware under emulation. And... the world got to see exactly none of that.
Every single element failed. The blinkenlights did not blink. I forgot history and blanked on how to operate the machine, and then I  rambled on a live stream. It was a train wreck, cinematically plummetting off a bridge into fiery doom! 🔥🚞😮

So, in conclusion: 

  1. Never, ever do a live demo if you can finesse it with some behind-the-scenes magic beforehand.
  2. Do not go in without visuals. You don't have to use them but you want them. 
  3. If you can't cram it into your talk, and you have lots of links, make a site. Just check it in and send the link. Your message gets out,  you yammer less, and anyone who is actually interested can look at that instead. 

World, I owe you an *actual* demo, and Nomad on a PiDP-11 deserves a little bit more time. Let's try this again without the disaster! 
I'll record a video in the next few days, post a link, and otherwise try to do this right because I want you all to see it.