Designed Marketing Collateral
Created Packaging Design Assets
Packaged Client Gifts
Managed a project
Carved linocut design
This was a pretty intense project I worked on for our clients at Outstanding Branding. We wanted to thank our clients for being our supporters during these tough times, so our theme was all about being cosy and snug with your loved ones during the holiday season.

First I had to come up with the design for this year's theme. At the same time, I worked with the team to curate and finalise a list of products that would fall within the budget allocated for our marketing project. Our finalised list featured:

  • A bottle of Bailey'sĀ 
  • Classic cabin socks made in Canada
  • Comfy, quality sherpa fleece made in Canada
  • Sparkling gold mug for mixing a delicious drink
  • Seed-paper greeting card that also included a recipeĀ 

With the shipping delays and supply chain issues, this also meant we worked far in advance of the Christmas shopping period with our suppliers to secure quantities and decoration spots. Once the purchase orders were placed, my next step involved turning the design into a carved out linocut that I could use to decorate the boxes.

This was a long and painful carving process, followed by hand stamping each box! During this process, I had to manage and stay on top of packaging and product issues. They were all eventually resolved, but there were some real nail-biting moments at times.

Finally, I packaged all the products by hand. Seeing everything come together, with the delight from our clients who received their packages, made the project worth it.