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Giovanni Chitano

  • @gio31
  • Product Manager
  • Paris

Hey, I'm a Product Manager.

I've been:
- a Project Manager.
- a cybersecurity auditor in a startup
- an Onboarding expert.
- an IT Manager.
- a Sysadmin.
- a Front office manager in hospitality business
- a Disneyland Castmember
- an e-sports pro player
- a bartender
- an IT on-site technician
- a fashion store clerk
- a waiter
- tired
- angry
- in peace with myself because in the end I did it

I will be:
- an amazing PM
- a no-code builder
- an entrepreneur
- an investor
- a dad
- a climate change survivor

I've always been:
- a curious kid
- a football fan
- a travel addict
- a good friend
- a good colleague
- a cinema lover
- a sceptical
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