EatMyWords (2001-2011)

International Communications & Language Skills Consultant for Global Academics and Entrepreneurs, Journalists, and Creatives.

  • Radio France International and ArtΓ© Public Television Europe Editorial services and presentation assistance for broadcasters and journalists. Speech and presentation coaching, interview prep, accent refinement. Translation, research, writing, and editorial assistance for digital and print media.Β 

  • Creative Services Specialist Copywriting, editing, and visual content production. Articles, newsletters, profiles, and editorial assistance for digital and print media.

  • Events Promotion for multinational artists and musicians. Coordinated venue, travel, and hospitality.Β 

  • Global Career & Language Assistance (L'Oreal Paris/Joelle Ciocco) Facilitated international expansions, product placements, interviews, and appearances meeting tight, multiple deadlines, USA Launches, transfers, job placements, and relocations for professionals and academics.Β