Gopal Amlekar
  • @gopalamlekar
  • Passionate about Azure Cloud and .NET!
  • Bangalore, India
  • He/Him
I am a passionate about Azure Cloud, .NET technologies, Microservices and virtually every thing in technology world that helps to create a magic.

Here is my personal blog I use to share my knowledge and learning.

I work as a software manager and always stay hands-on with coding, debugging and architecting systems. I pride on the continuing learning journey I have had and I love to keep learning new technologies and apply them.

For past few years, I have been using C#, WPF and ASP.NET core, SQL database to create various desktop and web applications. Recently I architected from scratch a cloud native app with microservices architecture and I am involved in writing the APIs for these microservices. In addition, I am also learning front-end development using React JS.

My previous experience includes working in IoT domain, down to sensor level as well as getting the sensor data on cloud or streaming data with data streaming network like PubNub.

For several years, I also ran my own startup doing electronics design services where I designed and developed embedded systems and enjoyed programming micro-controllers like ARM, 8051, PIC32 in C and Assembly. Handling complete development life cycle ranging from circuit design, prototyping, programming and PC software development in VB6was quite challenging but enjoying.

Throughout my career, I have played various roles and stretched myself every time to learn new technologies, skills and apply them at work. With this polyglot approach, I am always confident and comfortable to be uncomfortable and succeed in an ambiguous environment. 

I believe learning never stops and that is what keeps us going!
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