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Gopi Karelia

  • @gopi_karelia
About Me

I help individuals and brands articulate their stories through written & visual mediums. Let's collab and tell your story. 

I started my career as a sub-editor at NDTV and then took up the job of a Senior Correspondent with The Better India. After 5 years of journalism, I took a plunge and moved to Digital Marketing to learn new skills.

In between, I collaborated with clients from around the world for diverse content creation projects.

I am a fan of positive and hopeful things, but I also high-five on dark humour.

Currently, I am learning to solve Rubik's cube and aggressively playing chess to beat my super intelligent partner someday.

P.S: Books and Indian classical dance are the paths to my heart and soul.

P.P.S. If we ever chat, don't forget to ask about the book I am currently reading and why Pakistan is my dream destination.

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