Gordon Murray

SysOps engineer at Teamwork.com...  
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SysOps Engineer

  • Teamwork
  • Feb 2016 - Present


Jul 30, 2021
Jul 30, 2021
Used Terraform
Wrote a program
If you want to see Hashicorp's Packer and Terraform, Redhat's Ansible and Chef's Inspec all working together, I created a mini project to do just that https://github.com/gordonmurray/packer_ansible_inspec_terraform_aws Complete with videos you can even copy & paste code snippets from!


Feb 01, 2016
Feb 01, 2016
Started a new role at Teamwork
Excited to join Teamwork as SysOps Engineer! 🎉
SysOps Engineer, Teamwork
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