Mark Rachapoom

  • @gracedmarks
  • iOS Developer & Creator of Diary Dingo
  • he/him
  • Bangkok, Thailand
I am Mark, a self-taught iOS developer and the creator of Diary Dingo who started teaching myself how to code from scratch a while before entering college when I didn't even know how to print "Hello, World".

In short, I have been building apps with UIKit&SwiftUI as frameworks that are integrated by various Swift and third-party like Core Data, Firebase, Cocoapods, WidgetKit, PhotosUI, LocalAuthentication, UserNotifications, iCloud, Social, SnapKit, Cocoapods, MapKit, Swift Foundation. and many more with a solid understanding of Model-View-ViewModel(MVVM) architectural pattern while MVC is a plus.

I dreamt, I learnt, I designed, I built and I am truly passionate about iOS development and I am on my way to make this world the most wonderful place by making dream a reality, in this case, building an app and a well-crafted project.

Developer for Apple platforms with SwiftUI, UIKit, and Xcode

Creator of Diary Dingo, an iOS app that hit TOP3 worldwide in less than 24 hours after the launch on the Apple App Store.

Diary Dingo is now available to download on the Apple App Store
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iOS Developer & Creator

  • Diary Dingo
  • May 2021 - Present

iOS Developer

  • Halfway
  • Feb 2021 - May 2021


Oct 01, 2021
Oct 01, 2021
Published to the App Store
Made it to #3 in the App Store
After I sacrificed 95% of my summer break on learning SwiftUI and iOS Development, my app, Diary Dingo, climbed up and became the fastest trending app that hit TOP 3 in less than 24 hours after the first launch on the Apple App Store.

This rank has been manipulated and went viral worldwide on the first of September 🌎
Aug 28, 2021
Aug 28, 2021
Published to the App Store
Released an iOS App
Available on App Store:

Diary Dingo makes the chapter of your life private, shareable, and clean. While privacy is prioritized due to the fact that the app is secured by FaceID, TouchID, Passcode and 0% of your personal data is collected, shareable content comes in play. You can also share your diary on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Line, iMessages and more.

Tech Stacks: Swift, SwiftUI, Core Data, PhotosUI LocalAuthentication, UserNotifications iCloud, SnapKit, Cocoapods, MVVM
May 01, 2021
May 01, 2021
Left a role at Halfway
Ended my journey as iOS Developer at Halfway!
iOS Developer, Halfway
May 01, 2021
May 01, 2021
Developing an iOS app
Start the development process.
Apr 11, 2021
Apr 11, 2021
Won a hackathon
Built UI components
Built a feature
+ 1
Competed in a 24 hour virtual Hackathon which takes place in San Francisco, Bay Area where our focus was on SwiftUI framework, Firebase database provided by Google and new technologies we had not experience ever before in order to solve the issues that most of people on earth have faced; mental heath breakdown. My team created an iOS application called Soul that keep tracking their daily moods and feelings on a journal page stored in Firebase Realtime Database. We were awarded for the best user interface design eventually.

Our team consists of 4 teammates from 4 different timezones.
1 ) Aswani Gangadharan, Lead iOS Developer from San Francisco, Bay Area, California
2 ) Myat Thu Ko, iOS Developer from Brooklyn, New York
3 ) Kush Bhanot, native iOS, Flutter and React from India
4 ) Me, Rachapoom (Mark) Phanchotong, iOS Developer from Bangkok, Thailand

Mar 21, 2021
Mar 21, 2021
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