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Oct 10, 2021
Spoke at a conference
Wrote a talk
Oh hey friends! Long time no post!

September was 10/10 busy for me. But! I gave my first ever virtual talk!

Here's "On-Call Exhaustion, Tightropes, and You", from DisInfosec 2021! It's a talk about how infosec as an industry brutally destroys employees' health with poor on-call structures (and specifically excludes most disabled people from participating at all!)

Check out DisInfosec here:
Jul 18, 2021
Spoke at a conference
Gave a talk on information security
In 2019, I flew down to Austin, Texas and gave a talk at LASCon X about how to make security and developers play nice. 

The reason I gave this talk is because I'd been a developer before, and at the time was in a security role, and the communication between the two seem to fail out everywhere I look. I took some time to think about it and put together "Lost in Translation: Communicating Outside of Security".

I had a lot of people come up and thank me for this talk and ask questions! It was super cool to see people engaged and thinking about how to apply my advice to their own organizations!

Jul 07, 2021
Published a Medium post
Wrote about DevOps
Spoke at a conference
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Data shows us that queer-inclusive DevOps culture makes better teams.

Want to learn how? This post explains data, how it's relevant, and some first steps to a more LGBT+ inclusive culture.

[This is a written form of a presentation from DevOps UMN on 5/17/18.]
Jul 06, 2021
Spoke on a podcast
Spoke about mental health
Back in March, I got to speak on the Screaming in the Cloud podcast (hosted by the illustrious Cloud Economist Corey Quinn)! Corey and I talked about ADHD, neurodivergence, and how both play into software development.

Diversity in software development creates teams with different, complementary strengths. It allows us to have a wide berth of insight working together. (On top of that, folks with ADHD are often powerhouses of creativity well suited for agile styles of work. Who better to make microservices architectures than someone who can bounce between thoughts at hyperspeed?)

When software systems are built by diverse teams, we build better software. We can serve more users, not just the ones that look like us. Every developer brings unique strengths and I'm confident ADHD and neurodivergence are included.

Listen to the podcast at the link below! A transcription is included on the page.
Jun 29, 2021
Spoke at a conference
As I start brainstorming ideas for my next conference talk, I'm reminded of my first talk at a big event. I was an intern, and thought, "What better topic to choose than that?"

As an intern I'd broken auth servers, built microservices, and learned DevOps principles and CI/CD tools. Since I was still in university, I felt deeply the dissonance between the two settings. On one hand, I was using cutting-edge industry tech. On the other hand, I was being told agile development methods were terrible and we all should only use waterfall ever.

"Don't Break Your Intern!" came from joining the tech industry and feeling incredibly lost. Presented at 2018 devopsdays Minneapolis.