Dec 10, 2021
With the design team, presentations and provocations about our place as designers, which are a lot of ideas that I study and like to deep dive.

Some inspirational quotes:

"Designers do not see the world as a fixed canvas. They are an optimistic bunch, who see the world as a range of possibilities that can be crafted and bent to our will." Timothy Morey

"Design is applied ethics. Sometimes this connection is obvious: if you design razor wire, you’re saying that anyone who tries to contravene someone else’s right to private property should be injured. But whatever the medium or material, every act of design is a statement about the future." Cennyd Bowles

We also had dynamics related to the future of design, where we were able to meet more teammates, exchange ideas and knowledge. One of the impactful presentations on the future of design was attended by Gil Giardelli, putting several mindblowings on radical innovation, network society, human collaboration, creative economy, digital, artificial intelligence, future studies, including metaverse and other related topics.