Basic Information and Headline

Karthic Rao

  • @hackintoshrao
  • Democratising creation of Dev and Saas video content
  • he/him
About Me
Karthic is the Founder and CEO of Incredible is a pre-seed stage startup backed by Sequoia Capital in India, they're on a mission to unearth worlds Developer and SaaS knowledge.

Incredible aims to simplify the creation, distribution of developer video content. Think of this as for creating developer videos.

Karthic though started as a systems developer, he has worked in various roles, this also includes his stint as a Developer Advocate Lead in his last job.
The friction he faced while working with open-source infrastructure startups around the globe lead to starting Incredible.

His super power is to teleport into users shoes and feel the emotions the users go through!

He is a trained Indian semi-classical musician, a cross-fit enthusiast and a A/B tester on improving his performance on all fronts of life!

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