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Haidi Garulli

Who I am?
A determined person. Of the word problem solving, I like the "solving" part.
I am passionate about challenges. I am very curious and I like to shuffle the cards and see what happens ....
I have a strong service and customer orientation.
I am Stakeholder Engagament and PRINCE2® FOUNDATION certified.
I am certified in the Edward De Bono Six Thinking Hats® method of 6 hats.
I am certified in the use of the Linkedin Recruiter.
I followed the Master Game Management Training® for the design and creation of games for educational purposes using different techniques and methods.

I create and create event formats: I have created and implemented new event formats such as H Factor and Job Speed ​​Date. The latter allowed the University to win the award as Best Recruting Program at the 2013 International Placement Exchange. Always a project of my conception (the She Leadership training course for women) won the Best Placement Program award at the Placement Exchange 2012.
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