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Hans Guntren

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About Me
Veteran Technology Executive, Board Advisor and Entrepreneur with over twenty years of enterprise product design and development experience. Specialized in developing strategic enterprise products that provide customer value through AI and Machine Learning. 

Currently, Vice President of Product Design, Hans built C3 AI's recognized product design organization and helped scale the company from venture-backed startup, to a high-profile, publicly-traded leader in the AI industry. 

Prior to joining C3 AI, Hans spent over a decade advising silicon valley technology firms and worked within IBM’s Silicon Valley Lab, where he managed product design and oversaw a host of complex enterprise software products. During his time at IBM, Hans made a significant impact on product standardization, quality and usability throughout IBM's software organization.

In addition to his experience within Fortune 500 companies, Hans holds strategic product design and advisory roles within several successful early stage software companies. 

Areas of Expertise:

• Product Design and User Experience
• Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence
• Predictive Analytics
• Advanced Data Visualization
• Product Strategy
• Design Thinking
• National Defense
• Military Intelligence
• Health Care
• Financial Services 
• Manufacturing 
• Customer Relationship Management
• Environmental, Social, and Governance
• Aerospace
• Statistical Pricing Science
• Network Security
• Fraud Prevention
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Jan 2017 - Present

Vice President, Product Design,