Expanding thesis in consumer lending through Julo
Adding Seafood specialist, Aruna to growing Agriculture portfolio
Investment in OY! made it a new Centaur in the region Indonesian fintech startup OY! raises $44m in Series A funding
Adding another portfolio in Healthcare, Telemedicine space, Prixa is believer in early-stage care automation, leading to cost optimization for all stakeholders involved
Establishing Farmer's Network in Indonesia and digitalise it through TaniHub Group
A month leak that went out too soon, but welcoming Cermati to fill-in Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) gap in Indonesia
Late to the party with Amartha, but excited ahead of massive rural digitalisation plan
Adding complement to Fintech stack, TADA, a loyalty and Retention platform
Adding Waresix as the Mid-Mile specialist within portfolio
Continue bull run in Logistics space with Paxel