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Harish Ranganathan

A pioneering developer and solutions specialist in the global AI, gaming and public policy space. As Senior Lead Developer at Los Angeles-based defense and space company 114 AI Innovation, I have been an integral part of exploration project SpaceWise. Through SpaceWise, I am currently employing cognitive AI and an array of disruptive data fusion techniques to advance both space command and control. Engaging both allies and commercial partners, the SpaceWise tool-set has been vital to visualizing, analyzing and obtaining data in this endeavor. 

My previous stint was to build games and simulations to aid and affect public policy. As Researcher and Full-Stack Developer at Indian non-profit Fields of View, bringing innovation at the intersection of technology, social sciences and art to design original tools for policymakers. These included UNESCO-MGIEP funded educational game Cantor’s World and a Unity Game Engine-powered robotic arms simulation (with the Institute of Plasma Research), among others. 

I have also developed visionary artist-filmmaker Paromita Vohra’s poetic installation ‘A Love Latika.’

A true technophile at heart, always eager to learn and innovate. Over the years, working with different projects has made me language and framework agnostic.
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