Software Engineer helping build the future of presentations @meetChronicle.
Previously Platform Engineering@Facilio and Payments and Banking@Zoho.
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Software Engineer

  • Chronicle HQ
  • Oct 2021 - Present

Software Engineer - Platform

  • Facilio
  • Mar 2019 - Oct 2021

Software Developer - Payments & Banking

  • Zoho Corporation
  • Jan 2018 - Feb 2019

Frontend Developer - Subscriptions & Checkout

  • Zoho Corporation
  • May 2016 - Jan 2018

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Oct 18, 2021
Oct 18, 2021
Started a new role at Chronicle HQ
Excited to join Chronicle HQ as Software Engineer! 🎉
Software Engineer, Chronicle HQ
Oct 01, 2021
Oct 01, 2021
Left a role at Facilio
Ended my journey as Software Engineer - Platform at Facilio!
Software Engineer - Platform, Facilio
Aug 23, 2021
Aug 23, 2021
Streamlined a Deployment Process
Configured automated multi-region deployments for our web apps using AWS CodePipelines and AWS Lambda.
On a related note, wrote a bit about the pitfalls of extracting a zip file from within a lambda function here.
Jul 04, 2021
Jul 04, 2021
Wrote serverless functions
Built a small serverless app to extract and parse CSVs from Milaap view the donation details in a filterable table. Built this using Next.js API Routes with React Datatable.

Loved using Dataframes.js for the data normalization part. Never going back to writing my own functions for stuff like this.


Nov 15, 2020
Nov 15, 2020
Launched a Product Feature
Added support for building custom, user-defined apps on the Facilio Platform.

This lets facility admins configure apps based on how their ops teams are run and control access with user and role level permissions. 
May 01, 2020
May 01, 2020
Built a library
Built a DB-backed client-side router to make SPAs on the Facilio Platform user-defined and customizable. 
Software Engineer - Platform, Facilio
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