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My spirit animal would be Curious George.

My curiosity for the world motivated to take a leap of faith and join NYU Abu Dhabi's inaugural class. Immersed in the liberal arts tradition, I learned to deconstruct wicked problems and the context in which they play out.

Upon graduation, my curiosity for solving problems led me to Venture For America, a two year fellowship "for young, talented grads to spend two years in the trenches of a start-up" and then Avhana Health. There I gained firsthand experience in everything from business development and strategic partnerships to product management and software engineering.

After discovering how much I enjoyed the initial stages of design research and rapid prototyping, I completed an interdisciplinary MA/MSc in Global Innovation Design jointly taught by the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. This program gave me the time and space to develop and explore my interest for multisensory interaction design, accessibility, and immersion.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading for leisure, adventuring in nature and abroad, and exploring movement through capoeira, latin dance, and parkour. 
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