Pure CSS Calculator Template using CSS Grid Created a no-image clone of Mac Calculator.
Next.js v10.0.2 Performance Comparison Created an experimental site to check how Next.js performs with the various approaches.
(ReactJS + Leaflet + OSM) Supply/Demand Marker Clustering Map Dashboard Concept The use of a pie chart in the clustered icons to quickly indicate which area is short of supply and which area has mo...
A Single Div of Gojek Logo Did a little CSS experiment, creating a Gojek logo with only a single div.
A Pure CSS of KMKlabs Logo Created a pure CSS of KMKlabs Logo.
Curved Line - A CSS Houdini Demo Page Contributed a CSS Houdini's Paint Worklet demo in • Live demo in CodePen • CDN link • NPM link
Did my first try on ReactJS. Created a simple demo app that displays boxes of color with some nice transitions.
A Single Div of Bukalapak Logo Did another single div CSS. A Bukalapak Logo.
Vertical Rhythm This week's Codepen challenge is about spacing, they mentioned something about "typographic rhythm" in the description. The term felt nostalgic....
The SEO Show Episode 3 | Technical SEO I spoke about Technical SEO in The SEO Show podcast.