My 2021 Highlights

2021 is officially a wrap!

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Spent 6 weeks planning, preparing, organizing a PMAC Black History Show and Celebration - live band, speeches, song, dance, and drumming! Studied specific people, collaborated with other groups, br... Created a 2021 PMAC Impact Report on Canva with lots of help from Hannah, Josefa, & Lawson! After months of researching different options, finally decided to make the switch to Kindful and I'm very pleased with this nonprofit CRM so far! Planned our 4th Annual PMAC Christmas Show & Cookie Decorating Party - show included a live band and dance, drumming, skit, speeches, and song performances by our 45 PMAC children. Parents, friends... Building a house and it's really coming along! Started early October and we already have a roof and been making a lot of decisions - appliances, tile, lights, bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets. I... Planned and ran PMAC's fourth summer camp! Definitely more difficult in the time of Covid but we did themes this summer and it was the best summer yet! Themes included music, birding, international... Bought a piece of land and hired a contractor to build us a new house (after searching for several months and not finding an affordable house to purchase)! Travelled to Flagstaff, Arizona (with my parents, 5 siblings, husband, and sister in law) to visit the Grand Canyon for the first time! Spent a week there exploring and hiking - beautiful!