Director, A Life of Attraction
Oct 05, 2021
Created Images for a Brand Launch
Took a Self Portrait
Curated Socials for a Brands
Modeled for a Jewellery Brand
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When Ming told me she was launching her new lifestyle brand By Innes (jewellery, shoes and decor) and asked for my help in producing the images for her launch over socials and website, I knew she was putting a lot of trust in my creative skills... but I saw this as an opportunity to put all my skills into practice and prove what I am capable of. 

This is the biggest solo project I’ve taken on so far since we launched A Life of Attraction — and in true Polyworker style I put my creative direction, styling, photography, modelling (yes, I self shot all the portrait images), editing, and curation (curating the instagram feed) skills into practice! Sometimes you just need someone to believe in you, to actually believe in yourself — Thanks Ming!

When Polyworkers collaborate with other Polyworkers magic happens!