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Sep 11, 2021
Sep 11, 2021
Finished a crochet project
Followed this pattern from forthefrills (thanks Grace!) and had to modify it as I was about to run out of yarn... so it's a cardigan turned into a chunky jacket! 😆

Not bad for a first crochet project—just don't look too closely at the corners 😛
Sep 07, 2021
Sep 07, 2021
Wrote an article
Published a Medium post
I promised I'd write what I learned from my recently concluded job-hunting experience, so here's one about preparing for interviews:

7 Tips for Your Next Job Interview by Caye Borreo on Medium
Sep 06, 2021
Sep 06, 2021
Started a new role
Looking forward to helping build large-scale applications in my new role!
Intermediate Applications Developer, Telus International
Aug 29, 2021
Aug 29, 2021
Practiced Crocheting
Practiced single and half double crochets! Looking forward to making my own cardigan 👀
Aug 05, 2021
Aug 05, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
I'm super excited to check out Polywork as one of the first early adopters 🤖
Jul 23, 2021
Jul 23, 2021
Shipped a side project
Tried something new
Learned Angular
+ 1
Decided to try my hand at Angular, then paired a Frontend Mentor challenge so I can test what I learned after the docs' tutorial 😅

Ended up having a tip calculator:

Here's my solution—feedback is much appreciated especially from Angular devs!
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