Holly Marsh
  • @hollymarshmallow
  • Maker | Illustrator | Ecommerce Nerd
  • Oregon
  • She/her
Hey there! I'm Holly, and I'm a...well...slashie. I'm a Maker/Illustrator/E-Commerce Nerd, and I have earned the moniker "Helpfun Holly," as I love to help other creative entrepreneurs solve problems when it comes to their ecommerce website, their brand identity, or their email marketing setup. 

I live in Astoria, Oregon (Goonies, baby!) with my husband, two sons, one geriatric Pomeranian, and one tuxedo kitty. 

I'm a breast cancer survivor and going through treatment was one of the toughest things I've done. But it helped me realize that I needed to pivot what I offer as an entrepreneur. Hence why I'm here- and I'm excited to be here and meet you!
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