Houston Heffner
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Yo! Stoked to provide value!

I’m the professional edge to the artistic blade, somewhat of a punk rock Ari Goldman. I’m dedicated to teaching, inspiring and making sure the people I come across have all the tools they need to find out that where dry desert ends, green grass grows. 


- How do I legally start my business and get my paperwork in order?

- How do i build business credit?

- What’s the fastest and most effective way to build my social media?

- How do I get me or my brand featured in the press?

- How do I get verified on Instagram?

- How do I film high quality “viral content”?

- How can I build my own Cryptocurrency?

- How can I integrate blockchain into my business?

- What’s the right way to make and launch my own NFT collection?

- How can I train my salespeople?

- How do I get new customers in my niche?

- How can I promote my music and hooked to go on tour?

- How do I get signed and managed by a record deal and get a good deal?

hey I’m Kelby. I consult the executives and founders at startups and established corporations on how to use press, social media, and rare advertising (like newsletters) to control your narrative online and exaggeratively increase your close percentage for new clients. 

👿After a call with me you’ll have to decide..

 🔴 Red Pill? 🔵 Blue Pill?

I’m going to push you to become the best you possible, tackle any obstacle, and remove the limiting beliefs that have held you back.

Around here, we fight for what we love, and retain our sovereignty to doing what we want in this life, because we are so good at it.

I’ve been a publicist and social media manager for 14 years, working with Johnny Dang, Rap-A-Lot Records, 13 NFT Collections, Shiba Inu and I can code a solidity token from scratch and deploy it myself.

I do today what other people aren’t willing to do so that I may do tomorrow what other people arent able to do.. call call me today due one step closer to dominating what it is that you do
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