Cyber Security Engineer

Wrote about cybersecurity


Engaged in freelancing on top platforms and with different companies.

2. Content Creation:

- Authored Info Sec videos & articles, with a focus on CTF style videos.

3. Guided Hacking Profile:

- Maintains an active presence on Guided Hacking:

Profile Link:

4. Freelance Gigs:

- Engaged in various freelance gigs including:

- Setting up a digital ocean secure server

- Basic pentesting guide

- Creating & managing discord servers

- Linux OS assistance

- Debugging Virtualbox & VMware issues

- Wordpress tasks

- Much more (custom tasks)

5. Contributions to zSecurity:

- Contributed educational articles/videos on zSecurity:

Author Page:

6. Cybersecurity Slides:

- Created Cybersecurity slides, with presentations available on SlideShare: Slideshare Presentations: