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Dávid Lévai

  • @iamdavidlevai
  • Helping developers navigate the business world
  • Digital Nomad
I'm a Content Creator, indie developer, and digital nomad.

I write a bunch of stuff about building IT businesses and production-ready apps. Twitter, YouTube, and my blog.

Since my teenage years, I have worked as a freelance full-stack developer mostly with startups and small businesses. In 2020 I decided to use this knowledge to scale a digital agency and try to build something for myself. As of 2022, I'm building businesses in public, and helping developers become entrepreneurs.

What's the point of doing these in public?
  • I believe you can learn a lot by following other people's journeys. I'm following a lot of other creators too.
  • Through social media and public building, I get to meet interesting people and we can support each other.
While I'm away from the internet, I work out a lot and travel to see more and more of the world. (Soon maybe another planet?)

What kind of stuff do you find here? Videos, blogs, tips, and discussions. Learn how to build an international digital product agency, develop production-ready apps, and be mindful and productive as an IT entrepreneur.

You can read about my background, knowledge, experience, and my why in the following paragraphs:

Whenever I'm not working on content or running a business, I'm a full-stack developer who started out as a UI designer. I'm passionate about growth mindset and self-development, digital marketing, and UX.

My background as a Software Engineer: I design and develop user-centered web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies. React Native, Flutter, GraphQL, Prisma, Serverless, JAMStack, and ESNext. That's what I've been doing for 12 years so far. I love to learn new things by experimenting with state-of-the-art technologies. Currently, I'm interested in Rust, Swift, and Go.

My background as a Content Creator: I love sharing my knowledge with others, so I write for several tech blogs, make videos, and have my own blog. I also create content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube to teach software devs how to be successful as freelancers, and how to write truly production-ready apps. In 2022 I started a daily documentary about my journey to FIRE and build successful businesses.

My background as an Entrepreneur: I've been running a digital agency since early 2018 and managed small & medium-sized product development teams. Several lean, agile projects we started from scratch for multiple clients have been completed. I managed projects from estimation & proposal to design & development to marketing & maintenance. I became a co-owner, of a US-based, international digital product agency, ScreamingBox, in early 2021. I get to learn an insane amount of stuff from the international business world.

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