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Vipul Agrawal

 About Me:
  • Hello everyone! My name is Vipul Agrawal, INSEAD Alumni and I’m a Co-Founder of unlu.io, a celebrity led community based learning platform where one can learn all the creative skills from Writing to Acting. Currently living in Gurgaon, India (GMT +05:30).
  • 3x Entrepreneur. Travel, Sports, Social & Now Celebrity led Infotainment.
  • Have scaled couple of social apps to 50Mn + users globally (organically) without any external investment.
  • Also an Angel Investor, with portfolio across Fin-tech to Sports-tech. Few of my invested company got acquired by India’s unicorn.
  What I’m Currently Working On:
  • unlu.io (https://unlu.io/), currently 50k+ subscribers, growing at ~100% MoM for the past 3 months.
  • Building community based creative learning platform.
  Fun Facts:
  • I love Poetry, Have tried writing few!
 Reach out to me for:
  • Introduction in Indian & South East Asia Market
  • Any help in organic growth/marketing
  • Celebrity led Marketing Strategies
  • Discussing anything related to Blockchain.
  Connect With Me:
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What Vipul's working on

What Vipul's working on