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Ian Mckay

  • @iann0036
  • Cloud Lead @ Kablamo · AWS Community Hero & APN Ambassador
  • he/him
  • Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺
Ian is an AWS Community Hero and APN Ambassador working in Sydney as the Cloud Lead at Kablamo, a cloud product development and data consultancy specialising in building applications native to the AWS cloud. He is usually focused on cloud architecture, CI/CD and security, but is always trying out the latest AWS services. He also previously managed infrastructure at Stan, an Australian streaming service.

Between helping clients he loves the chance to build open-source projects with a focus on AWS automation and tooling. Ian built and maintains both the Former2 and Console Recorder for AWS projects, which help developers author Infrastructure as Code templates from existing resources or while in the AWS Management Console.

Ian also enjoys speaking at meetups, co-hosting podcasts, engaging with the community on Slack, and posting his latest experiences within AWS on his blog.
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