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Weekly Update #5

Hello everyone! I sort of didn't stick to the tasks list I set last week. Most of what I did was actually prep work, learning things I didn't know in SEO and content marketing. It was totally worth it. Here's my weekly progress update for https://useherald.com:

🥅 Goals for the past week:

  • Put marketing plan in to action
  • Add banners feature in the widget
  • Show an example of banner on the website
  • Ship waitlist feature (last one before I launch)

✅ Finished:

I spent most of the time learning SEO and copy writing for landing pages. I got some very useful feedback for copy writing. I'm working on updating the copy for the home page.

  • Did some SEO work
  • Started a blog for Herald and wrote an introductory blog post. Couple more articles in progress.
  • Add banners feature in the widget
  • Ship roadmap feature (only the dashboard part. Public roadmap is almost done. Went with roadmap instead of waitlist because I needed it for Herald)

🎯 Actionable goals for this week:

  • Update home page copy using keywords
  • Create features page
  • Update product images
  • Finish public roadmap page
  • Launch!! 🚀

🙃 Struggles

It's been nearly a month since I started working on this. I've made good progress too. While I could keep working on it, I'm not gonna wait anymore and just launch. Herald has enough basic functionality, enough to show what's possible. So it's time to launch.