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Imani Nicole

  • @imaninicole
  • Video Content Creator | Breathwork Practitioner | Model
  • She / Her
  • Los Angeles
Hey there! 

I'm Imani Nicole. In a world of chaotic creative needs, I adapt, transform, and do well at quite a few things. My friends call me the creative chameleon.

I help daydreamers and creative builders go after their goals courageously and unapologetically. I help them release the trauma, fear, and doubts associated with success through breathwork, mindful movement, and creative expression.

I live a joy-full life as a certified therapeutic breathwork practitioner and guided meditation facilitator, fitness and beauty model, Black business advocate, and foodie. Some may call me a lifestyle nano-influencer.

I get a kick out of all things content creation and social media. Ask me how I can help you with creating short and long-form video content, user-generated product videos (UGC), voice-overs, blog writing, and meditation scripts.

I work best with folks who are willing to define themselves and create for themselves, instead of being defined named, created, and spoken for by others.
People who are willing to confront the icky shit and know that it's an important and necessary part of their growth. Optimistic people. People who like to laugh and smile, but know they need to experience sadness and anger to some degree. People who are caring, compassionate, and determined. They like to have a good time. They're honest with others and themselves. They know they can't do it alone.

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