Worked on a side project
Configured server

Configuring NGINX and Gunicorn servers

Understanding servers in detail has always been on my todos. Finally I had a chance to work on NGINX server. The use case I had was to serve the production build of a React app inside a docker container. On top of this, the backend for the app had to be served using a Gunicorn server which was a fairly easy task compared to static serving. 

The following tasks were achieved in the process 
  • I realised using whitenoise and NGINX on the same Django project makes no sense and "It's equal to saying I'll use 2 knifes to cut the butter". They both do the same task each with different pros and cons. 
  • Learnt how to setup a reverse proxy to an upstream server with load balancing provided by NGINX. 
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how the requests are routed through the block model for NGINX config files work. 
  • Tweak and explore working of different location block patterns to serve endpoint responses for different services based on their URI.