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I am trying to do my best to make it possible for someone more intelligent than me to build a dyson s...  
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Sep 16, 2021
Sep 16, 2021
Received a Customer Reference
It is not that I actually got a reference, but I sent an email to all my customers regarding the zero day exploit from Microsoft:

I told them all to be aware and gave them handy advice without much text.

One of them, let's call him Mr. R. responded immediately, obviously in German so I will translate it:

"Thank you very much, that is important to us, please keep the good work!"

Hamza helped me actually since he pointed to this vulnerability
Senior Security Consultant, Konica Minolta
Sep 04, 2021
Sep 04, 2021
Used Django
Programmed in Python
A couple of days ago I started to use Django for a private project. I wanted to learn more about the structure of that framework and how to quickly setup webapps, since I often feel the need for a quick webapp to solve particular problems.

I thought I might share with you the following:
  • Part of the Entity Relationship diagram
  • Part of the "Models" in Django

Nothing new, nothing special, but new fun for me.
Anyway I started to make a data processing addendum (DPA) generator based on modules, products, datatypes etc. It can be very complicated to create the correct DPA for a company that has different modules, handling different data within their products.

Interestingly I found it really helpful to create the database according to python classes. Do you remember the CakePHP Bakery? That was great in 2009 but I am happy with Django's approach here.
Aug 28, 2021
Aug 28, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Let's give this Polywork platform a chance and find out more about it.

Looks great so far.
Aug 13, 2021
Aug 13, 2021
Reading a book
AI is an interesting and terrifying technology. We - europeans - fail miserably in getting ahead, as it seems. I am sure there are some nice exceptions out there.

I have not finished the book but I recommend it to everyone who is interested in learning about how the chinese approach is different from the us, regarding startups, investing and working on technology.

Here is the book:
Aug 08, 2021
Aug 08, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
How do you recognize an email as malicious?

Disclaimer: There is already much written in English, so my my blog is in German.

To be honest, it is quite simple sometimes: Don't click on links! Navigate to the service contacting you and check manually whether the email is fake or not.
Aug 04, 2021
Aug 04, 2021
Preparing for a webinar
cyber security
There will be a webinar in October this year. Obviously a German one, the topic is "Awareness" and how to make sure your employees, the last firewall, works effectively.
Senior Security Consultant, Konica Minolta
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