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Daniel Kaplan

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Today (at least): more wonderfully and joyfully confused  than existentially terrified. 

For this (in-progress!) shift, I would like to take credit, or at least claim some volition, but it's not clear that I deserve any.

Either way, I seem to have found some support in navigating the depths in a handful of ancient yogic practices as I (or something) sifts through and purges some really old nonsense from consciousness.

I still really do love:

- Writing essays.
- The putative intersections of digitized realities, distributed consensus algorithms, cultural evolution, and speciation...
- Human beings (most of the time)..
- The search for "fractal" patterns in human behavior and history.
- Wondering what might transpire for all of us, for all life...if we all (or enough of us?) collectively manage to transcend inaccurate identifications.
- Dancing.
- Intuitive touch and physical expressions of joy in general.

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