Learned presentations design

Learned Presentation Design

Ahh, This was one of the best things which happened to me this year.

I learned Presentation Design, for most people this is a Basic skill but as a designer, this added a new feather in my hat.

When I started this year, I was just a brand identity designer but at the end of this year, I am a Brand Identity Designer and Presentation Designer.

This started with saying yes to a project which I thought I might not be able to do, We were asked to design 25 pitch deck by IIM Ahmedabad for their startup program.

I have never worked on a presentation let alone a pitch deck, but with the help of the amazing team at MideaHub and Google, Not only I learned this skill but I can proudly say that I got pretty good at it too.

Till now I have worked on more than 100+ pitch deck and one of that startup app has been downloaded by more than 50000+ people.

In the New year, I'll try to put more content on a Pitch deck and share what I have learned.

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