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Design rules everyone should know This week's dispatch of my newsletter, Tiny Improvements: Growing up, I was never artistic - visual arts just didn't come naturally to me. It wasn't until much lat...
📰 Tiny Improvements: Remember these apps? Tiny Improvements this week: apps that were SMASH hits, but have since faded from popularity. My fave was Yo! It boiled down messaging to a 1-dimensional u...
Growth hack: Publish newsletters to your Next.js site with ConvertKit API If you have a newsletter on your site, you should consider making past issues available on your site. It's been super helpf...
Tiny Improvements Newsletter: How we talk about our things This dispatch of Tiny Improvements discusses how Apple uses language to create an emotional connection to their products, and how we use l...
Publish your newsletter to your Remix site with the ConvertKit API I recently started using the ConvertKit API as a pseudo-CMS for past newsletters. This tutorial shares implementation details for ...
Published a newsletter Tiny Improvements: What I've learned from working in public I'm a big fan of working in public. It's a great way to get feedback and improve your work... you just have to be ...
The Orton Effect - dreamy photo effect in CSS and React Ever heard of the Orton Effect? It's used by landscape photographers to create a dreamy composite image, by layering a short exposure on top ...
Tiny Improvements newsletter: Balance for remote workers I published my first newsletter in a bit, after seeing that I had quite a few people subscribe via the widget on my site. Each dispatch cont...
The third place - the secret to a happy life for remote workers I've been working remotely for the better part of 10 years. Getting things done and living a happy life are not a guarantee. These ar...
SEO tools I used to grow my sites to 20k+ visitors/month Learning about SEO for the sites I build and maintain has been hugely helpful - these are the tools I use to keep my sites growing: https://...
The correct semantic HTML for add subtitles to h1 tags
How to add Fathom Analytics to your app
Strategies for building products with no code
How do you choose the right CRM for your product? I've been doing some thinking about CRM strategies for startup founders and product owners. Check out this post I wrote on Indie Hackers: https://w...
No-code payments: How to use Stripe with customized NFC tags
Just set up my new GitHub profile for my work at Stripe. Give the ol' Bio a looksee, and let me know what you think!
New Blog Post: What it's like to migrate a high-traffic website from Gatsby to Next.js Documenting my work on converting the site for APIs You Won't Hate this past December.