Mobile Development

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Launched a startup
I designed, developed and launched the company’s entire tech platform, all by myself, including:

  • A highly optimized Laravel backend designed with security, scalability and performance in mind, built to serve as a backbone for the publisher platform, mobile APIs and admin dashboard.
  • Serverless (AWS Lambda) hosting to serve millions of users with dynamic pricing.
  • A Vue.js, Tailwind CSS & Inertia.js web app for the publisher platform (similar to Facebook Ads Manager) with Google Maps and Canva integration for campaign management, real time impressions, heatmap tracking, support, statistics and reporting.
  • A native Android app (written in Kotlin) for driver acquisition, tracking and communication, published on Google Play Store (using GMS) and Huawei AppGallery (using HMS) and integrates Location, BLE, CameraX, ML Kit, OneSignal and Sentry.
  • A BLE IoT device (programmed in C) for enforcing security and reliability built using the ESP-IDF platform.
  • A CI/CT/CD process to automate delivery, testing, code quality checking and documentation.
  • An internal documentation platform that provides a tech overview, operations manual and developer docs, built using VuePress and hosted on GitLab Pages.
Tech Lead & Sr Software Engineer, dKilo
Built an augmented reality prototype
Developed a Unity, Vuforia & OpenCV app in C# to preview shoes in Augmented Reality & measure feet size with a very good accuracy.
Tech Lead & Sr Software Engineer, 34ML
Developed an Android App
Developed an app for my University friends to get notified when their exam results are available online to help them get their minds off of reloading the browser.

It was featured on a popular student activity's Facebook page.
Developed an Android App
Quiz app for internal use at Merck Group
Tech Lead & Sr Software Engineer, 34ML
Published an app
Published my first Android app on Google Play