Ivan Bakhmat

I am a Chief Product Owner who has been in the IT industry since 2010. My way: Integration Consultant, Project Manager, Product Owner, and now Head of Product/Chief Product Officer. I have experience working for both the client and the execution and am skilled at communicating with both business and development teams. In my work, I focus on improving customer experience and data-driven decision-making. Currently, I am leading a team of 8 Product Owners and a development team of around 120 people in one of the biggest Digital Banks in Russia with 30 m clients.

Previously, I worked on B2B products, but for the past five years, I have been focusing on B2C e-commerce in the financial sector, from launching new financial products in a mobile app to selling credit products online (ecom). As a result, I am experienced in building products from scratch on the web and mobile.
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