Global Cyber Threat & Incident Responce Manager
Feb 11, 2021


Anomy is a bash application that will route common commands though Tor, anonymizing the traffic.
It enables connections from the following source to connect through the tor network:
  • wget
  • ssh
  • sftp
  • ftp
  • telnet

$ anomy -h
        Usage: anomy [OPTION]... [URL]...
        Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too.
        -h,  --help                      print this help
        -w,  --wget                      wget download
        -s,  --ssh                       initiate ssh connection
        -f,  --ftp                       initiate ftp session
        -d,  --sftp                      initiate sftp session
        -t,  --telnet                    initiate telnet session

The installation scrip will install both Tor and Torsocks onto the system, if these are already present it will ignore and set up anomy
cd /opt
git clone
cd /Anomy
sudo bash