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Israel Adegbulugbe

A Product Designer who codes with 2+ years of experience in E-commerce, Fintech, and B2B software applications. I help Startups and Businesses convert users into potential customers. I revamped a Digital Marketing Agency website that led to increased customer trust and credibility which boosted the ROI

I am passionate about creating experiences for DeFi.

Technical skills: Figma, Principle, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Miro, Excel, After Effects, Adobe xd, Invision studio, Html5, Css3, Javascript, Balsamiq, Zeplin

Soft skills: Collaboration, Communication, Openness to feedback, Growth Mindset, Active Listening

When I am not designing or solving problems, I prefer playing the piano or going for a walk to admire the nature of life.

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