Jacob Chandy Varghese
  • @jacobcv
I enjoy creating order out of chaos, both in professional world and in the social world that I involve with. 

I enjoy building up people, at work, in society. 

I am passionate about creating a global brand which impacts people. Have tried and failed many times, but I have shaken off the dirt and am on it again.

I love to speak, to mentor, to teach. 

I enjoy music. I learn and teach western classical music as well as sing Tenor in couple of choirs. I used to lead a children's choir, and have stopped now after the pandemic hit. 

I actively am involved in the non profit sector. Was full-time there for 4 years spread across two stints. My focus has been in the Education and Environment sector. 

Very obstinate about work-life balance, and try my best to inculcate that in my colleagues too. 
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