Jaeriah Tay

I'm a Frontend Developer & Designer currently building 💻 and designing 🖌️ product at Chec/Commerce.js powered by at least 4 espresso shots a day ☕. Coming from a diverse career journey, I've never felt more at home in tech, especially in my current kickass startup company. I spend most of my days implementing UI features, building integrations with our tool, writing documentations and tutorials, and creating graphics icons and illustrations.

Away from pushing pixels at work, I try to keep myself busy and spend most of my time with my 👦🏻. I also love biking 🚴‍, adventuring/hiking, engaging with the developer community 💬, swimming in seas/lakes 🏊🏻‍, traveling 🗺️ (pre-covid), and currently learning the violin, my dream instrument. I speak three languages 🇨🇦🇸🇬🇮🇹 or more or less, I prefer to call myself try-lingual.
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