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I switched from bash/zsh to PowerShell - yes, on MacOS and Linux - full time over 6 months ago, and it's going great! I wrote a feature-length article for my present employer, Stark & Wayne, who published it:

Long story short, if you can do it in bash/zsh, you can do it easier (and usually better) in PowerShell 99% of the time.

One example: "show me all processes running that take over 200mb of memory". For a simplistic implementation, you can do this in around 25-ish lines of semi-modern bash though you'll be relying on external tools such as ps, which are NOT consistent in how they operate across POSIX platforms. PowerShell? 3 lines. That's it, seriously, 3 lines. And you can cut that down to just one if you didn't care about readability.