Oct 04, 2017
Published a project
Working on a Discord bot
Wrote Python
Used an API
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JayJay is a personal Discord bot written in the now defunct discord.py API. It is one of the first projects I ever began working on, all the way back in high school. It is a pet project of mine, a hodgepodge of random code snippets that I brainstormed and wrote using the Discord bot as a template. Through the commit history, you can see my transformation as a programmer with each passing year of knowledge.

2017: I began JayJay copying the code for a Discord bot from another repo, one I've long forgotten. I had JayJay created in both Python and JS but, knowing none of these languages, the project quickly fell apart. 
2019: A couple years later, I picked up the bot development once again with my newfound learning of Python. I nuked the repo and started from scratch, creating a simple command bot, which can still be seen today in the main JayJay script. I began to develop other small bots for my friends, so development once again halted.
2020-2021: Going into freshman year of college and programming for the first time in a year and a half, the gears of my development cycle once again began to turn. I dusted off the old JayJay repo and got to work, filling my hours of COVID quarantine with messing around with new features of discord.py. I used it to help me moderate various Discord servers I was in and to test a use case of gachapy, a project I was developing currently. I added brand new features, fleshing out the JayJay project and using it as a concrete repository to show other people examples of the discord.py API. Development unfortunately ended when discord.py was shut down as a project, but the legacy of JayJay lives on as my longest project in development and my first step into serious software development. 

The repository can be found here: https://github.com/jakejack13/JayJay-Bot