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janani jay ♨️

  • @jananijay
  • Strategist, designer, and systems thinker in digital security.
  • she/they

hi y'all! 👋🏽

I am a service designer and strategist, UX researcher, and rapid responder in digital security. I work at the intersection of emerging technology, usable security, individual and community resilience, and human rights.

Specifically I am interested in clarifying and designing for accessibility needs in digital security and online safety tools, and in building more resilient civic design infrastructure and tools for information distribution, action, and convening. As a designer I am also interested in the role designers play in describing and conceptualizing existing systems, and interventions, "disruptions," and improvements to them.

In prior roles I developed field expertise in healthcare and education.

the fundamentals 🐢

My research and design practice focuses on people, process, and equity; it is grounded in participatory methods and critical pedagogy. I work to unravel assumptions, co-produce understanding and alignment, and stay responsive to emergent needs and contexts.

also 📌

  • I am currently completing my (ISC)² SSCP certification. 🔐

  • Also I am back in school for my BSc in computer science. As a former history and linguistics major, I'm always down to chat about non-traditional career trajectories in technology. 🕹

  • I derive great joy in spending time outside and observing the natural world. Growing native plants and hanging with native pollinators in my ever-growing garden/vegetable patch is one of my favorite pastimes. 🐝

  • I am always doing product research and conduct user and accessibility testing specifically in paper products, school supplies/stationery, educational tools, and study/learning aids. 🧐
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