Janine Murmann

  • @janinelondon
  • Digital enthusiast on a mission to help you transform & grow.
  • London, UK
My working journey took me from Germany and Spain to the UK, London; from project management and digital marketing to graphic design, and coaching. I embrace change and love to learn new things continuously. 

Currently, I work as a digital marketer, creative, artist, and coach. I develop and grow B2B campaigns in industries related to leadership development, technology, and food-to-go. Every new project is an adventure, and I will add my positive energy to make it work.

Unleashing potential, passion, and #creative thinking in others appears to have benefitted both my teams and clients. I am not afraid of asking questions and challenging the status quo if I see opportunities for improvement. With my "achiever" mindset I strive relentlessly towards growth while helping others learn and achieve more in the process.

I am both a “doer” and a “thinker” who takes initiative and proactively creates. I come up with novel ideas and develop others, with a consistent “can do” approach.

How would I describe myself?
Well organised
Team player
Fast learner

Some of my specialties:
- Digital marketing strategy
- B2B lead generation
- Project management
- Copywriting and storytelling
- Branding/rebranding
- Brand ambassador programs
- Public relations
- Graphic design
- Events management
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