Bailee (Kai) Fisher
  • @jasper_weston
  • Perth North metropolitan area
  • He/Him

Hi there! I go by either Kai or Jasper, I have a certificate 3 in community service and as of now I’m working towards my certificate 4. As far as what sort of collaborations I’m interested in it’s a fairly broad range. I am happy to try online programs made for personal growth and mental well-being, and programs developed that would fall into other sectors of community service work but I also love reading and coming up with my own stories, particularly fantasy, and would love to proofread a draft, go over an idea or story proposal or even just have a chat where we bounce ideas back and forth. I’m also happy to advocate, and while I’d prefer to be advocating for someone facing a struggling I can relate to or have a better understanding of I won’t turn down anyone just because it’s not in my lived experience (struggles I’m better equipped to advocate for are LGBTQ+ social and systemic issues and Mental health struggles but again, I am willing to have a look at cases for someone facing neither of the above or someone with complex needs involving struggles not listed above) I do ask that you keep in mind for any service or job offers that I’m based in the Perth North metropolitan area in Western Australia so depending on whether the work would be purely online, in person or a mix of both may restrict what I can help with.

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