Jassim Abdul Latheef
  • @jassim
  • Co-Founder & CTO of Glance
  • Riyadh
I am a born curious person who happened to find a job that fulfills my passion while helping others to make their lives better bit by bit.

I design and build products and I love every aspect of it. Humanity reached here at this point with the great conveniences and ease of doing things better than any point in history because there was someone who decided to make something better or fix some problems for others. Including all the things that we take for granted, there was someone's mind and effort that lead to this.

I believe it is our responsibility to continue the contribution to push humanity and reshape it to a better version.

Currently, being Co-founder and CTO of GROA, I am working in the health industry to help doctors with access to the right information at right time, so they can make their critical clinical decisions better and faster.
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