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Jayson Avilez

Hi, I'm Jayson!
I'm currently in my Senior year of college, pursuing a BS in Information Technology & Administrative Management, with a specialization in cybersecurity.

I'm really into threat intelligence. As our world spins, cyber threats are becoming stealthier, effective, and persistent. The obscure realm of cybersecurity is a tug-of-war game, with one side often choosing a darker path. 

When I'm not doing research or learning, I like to volunteer my time. Right now, I split this into two groups;

Ocean Location, a youth-powered initiative to bring ocean conservation issues to young audiences. At OL, I manage the entire marketing department, and often write reports, conduct research, and create content for our social media presence. 

Crisis Text Line, a text-based mobile crisis helpline that connects trained counselors with people experiencing a mental health emergency. At CTL, I'm a crisis counselor. I'm trained in risk assessment, coping mechanisms, and compassionate encouragement. 
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Jul 15, 2021
Jul 15, 2021
After embarking on a creativity-driven project, I found myself wanting to create more. In this new role as the Director of Strategic Content Development, I'll be able to create, make an impact, and change the world. I'm truly excited about what's to come!
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Director of Strategic Content Development , Ocean Location
Sep 01, 2020
Sep 01, 2020
Excited to join Ocean Location as Director of Marketing! 🎉
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Director of Marketing, Ocean Location